Are there age restrictions for living on the Park?
Residents should be aged 55 or over. Younger relatives and children can stay over but are not allowed to live on the park.

Can residents keep pets on the Park?
We no longer allow residents to keep dogs on the Park, requests for other pets can be discussed.

Is car parking provided with each park home plot?
Yes, a parking space for one car is provided next to each plot. Visitor parking is also available, but no more than one visiting car without prior arrangement.

Is the Park suitable for wheelchair users?
Riverside Park is all on flat ground with solid roadways and paths leading to each front door. Entrance ramps can be constructed as required.

How much is ground rent for a residential plot on the Park?
Ground rent fees are £168.74 per month for a double plot (42′ x 18′) or £140.23 per month for a single plot (40′ x 12′).

Do I have to pay council tax in a residential park home?
Yes, council tax is payable to Horsham District Council (Band A), currently £1,285.54 per year (April 2020).

How do residents pay for other utilities on the Park?
Water and electricity are metered per property and payable to the site owner. Mains gas and telephone / internet services are payable directly to the supplier chosen by the resident. Telephone line installation (if required and not already existing) is arranged and paid for by the resident.

Do I need to insure my park home?
Yes, park home and contents insurance needs to be arranged by the resident. A number of companies specialise in park home insurance including Park Home Assist, Lifesure GroupAdrian Flux, Coast Insurance & Mobile Home Insurance.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of my park home?
As the resident, you are responsible for maintaining your park home and garden. The site owner is responsible for the rest of the Park. New homes purchased from Tingdene come with a 12 year warranty.

What about driveways, pathways, balconies and sheds?
Block paved driveways and pathways are provided for each residential plot as well as brick skirting and a raised balcony area. One metal shed is permitted per home.

What legal agreements apply when I purchase a home on the Park?
Your rights and obligations are listed in a written agreement with the park owner. This sets out: your minimum legal rights and obligations, like your right to keep your park home on its pitch, the rules, charges and services. You have 28 days to review the agreement before signing. Click here to view a copy of the Riverside Park rules.

What happens if I want to sell my park home in the future?
Riverside Park operates under the Mobile Home Act 1983. When a home is sold on, 10% of the sale price is payable to the site owner.

I haven’t yet sold my home – is there any way to speed things up?
Tingdene Homes offer a range of solutions to help you make your move to Riverside Park; Property Purchase Scheme (Allows for a third party to make an offer on your property which then allows you to purchase a Tingdene home within a matter of weeks. It is quick, without fuss and a guaranteed sale without a chain); Assisted Move Scheme (Allows for local estate agents who know your area well to sell your home quickly. Using their expertise they can have a marketing advantage. The aim is to sell your property within 8 weeks).

Can I apply for a mortgage to purchase a park home?
It is not possible to obtain a mortgage on a new or used residential park home but you can apply for finance from a specialist lender. Finance options are designed in a similar way as a mortgage, but without the need for Solicitors or Conveyancers, no upfront fees and fixed rate of interest for the whole term of the finance. There are a number of specialist finance providers in the marketplace including UK Park Finance and Zebra Leisure Finance. Finance is typically available for up to 80% of the property value, repaid over a maximum of 15 years. Interest rates will vary based on personal circumstances, the amount of the loan, the length of the loan and the value of the property.