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Speed up your house sale… you could be in your dream park home sooner than you think!

house soldYou may have found the perfect park home or have your dream design in mind, but you still need to sell your existing property before you can go ahead with the purchase. This is not an uncommon situation and you’ll be pleased to hear, there are options available to speed up your house sale, enabling you to make your move to Riverside Park much more quickly.

Tingdene, the manufacturer of our park homes, offer two solutions to help you make your move into your new Park Home. You choose the one most suited to you…

Property Purchase Scheme: This Scheme allows for a third party to make an offer on your property which then allows you to purchase a home within a matter of weeks. It is quick, without fuss and a guaranteed sale without a chain. There are a number of benefits:

  • Certainty – as cash buyers, the scheme offers you the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale
  • Flexibility – Most types of residential properties can be considered whether they have a higher or lower value than the home you are buying.
  • Security – With the security of a guaranteed sale on your existing property it means you can avoid the risk of losing the home you want to buy
  • No Chain – part exchange removes the risk of lengthy delays and fall-throughs that are often encountered with chains.
  • Speed – Once we have made an offer for your property we can proceed quickly to meet deadlines.
  • No Obligation – their is no charge to make an offer on your property and there is no obligation for you to accept any offer that is made.
  • No Estate Agents Fees – by taking advantage of our property purchase scheme you can avoid paying Estate Agents fees.
  • Flexible Moving Date – If necessary it can be arranged for you to stay in your property for up to 2 weeks after completion, helping to reduce the stress of moving home and allowing you flexibility when arranging your removals.

Tingdene are able to offer you this service working in partnership with an independent company. Click here for more information…

Assisted Move Scheme: This scheme allows for local estate agents who know your area well to sell your home quickly. Using their expertise they can have a marketing advantage. The aim is to sell your property within 8 weeks. Click here for more information…

You can contact Tingdene Homes on 01933 230130 for further information, or email sales@tingdene.co.uk